Air Force ADC workload increase

As a former Air Force Area Defense Counsel (ADC) and Senior Defense Counsel, I can attest to the excellence, professionalism, and dedication of the officers who fill those posts.  However, the Air Force is asking more from its ADCs than ever before.  The drastic force reduction cuts late in 2014 hit Air Force JAG Captains the hardest.  Many of these officers filled the 83 ADC positions in the Air Force.  In some geographic regions, 4 out of 5 ADCs were cut.  Of course, the number of court-martial cases and discharge boards have not gone down significantly in the last year, which means that the remaining ADCs are heavily burdened by the overflow.  While the JAG Corps has been rotating junior Captains to some of the open ADC slots, the average ADC is facing a drastically increased caseload.  If you are seeking personalized representation for a court-martial, discharge board, or other adverse action, call my office at (402) 965-1457 today. 

The views expressed herein are solely those of the author, and do not purport to be the views of the Department of Defense, the Air Force, or the Air National Guard.