Slander & Libel Victims Must Act Fast

At some point in life, most people have been the victim of a lie told by another person.  While lies usually hurt, most don't result in a lawsuit.  However some lies are so severe that they can damage a person or a business's reputation, financial success, and social acceptability.  Nebraska law allows victims of slander and libel to sue, but has strict requirements that require someone who has been injured by a false statement to act fast.  While the statute of limitations on most civil claims in Nebraska is four years, an action for slander or libel must be brought within one year.  Also, when someone suffers slander or libel, they must demand a correction of the false statement within 20 days of learning about it, or their ability to recover damages will likely be limited to special (economic) damages.  Demand for a correction must be made by certified or registered mail.