DUI consequences in Nebraska

One of the most common difficulties people face with criminal law is drinking and driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol.  The consequences in Nebraska vary widely depending on the alcohol level, the number of previous DUIs, and whether property damage or injury occurred as a result of the DUI.  Consequences from DUIs come both from the administrative side for license revocation or suspension requiring installation of an ignition interlock, (see http://www.dmv.nebraska.gov/frd/interlock.html) as well as the criminal side in the way of a fine, probation, or even jail time.  See the following link where the State of Nebraska Department of Transportation spells out some of the criminal consequences.  http://www.transportation.nebraska.gov/nohs/pdf/al3dwi.pdf.  Some defendants are fortunate enough to qualify for diversion, if it is offered in the county in which the offense occurs.  Successful completion of diversion means a defendant does not end up with a conviction on their record, which is well worth the time and fees that go into completing the diversion program.  If you have been arrested for DUI, the Law Office of J. Robert Black is ready to guide you through the legal process.