Protection from Elder Abuse

It's a shocking statistic: 1 out of 10 elderly adults will suffer some form of abuse or exploitation.  Many times, the exploitation occurs at the hands of people who know them well.  One recent, very sad example was in the news headlines this past summer, when the former Nebraska Huskers football public address announcer was arrested for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from two 90-year-old women.  He convinced the women to give him control of their finances a few years prior.  The women had dementia, and as the dementia progressed, he allegedly took advantage by steadily emptying their bank accounts of large sums of money to pay for improvements to his own home, deposits to his own retirement account, and other unauthorized expenditures.


This case, and many others, highlights the need for a strong relationship between the elderly and an attorney.  The more money an elderly person has at their disposal, the higher at risk they are for abuse by people of ill will.  At the Law Office of J. Robert Black, we don’t just provide legal documents.  We follow up with our clients, getting to know them, their families, and their situation, in the hopes that we can help prevent the kind of elder abuse that seems to be coming more and more common.